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Release Date of Ask mantik intikam Episode 35

During the recent hours, Thousands of fans have been searching the web for the release date of the 35th episode of the comedy and romance Turkish series “Ask mantik intikam”. The catchy scenes of the episode’s trailer were able to raise the suspense in the heart of each fan or follower of the Romantic drama. In this article we will share with you the date and time of the release date of Love Logic Revenge Episode 35 along with the channel on which the episode will premiere.

What is the release date of Aşk Mantık İntikam Episode 35?

The Episode 35 of the first season one of “Aşk Mantık İntikam” is expected to premiere on FOX channel on Friday, March 4th, 2022. The episode 35 of Ask mantik intikam will be availbe to watch on the Turkish Channel FOX at 20:00 P.M

The Release Date of Love Logic Revenge Episode 35

The thirty fifth episode of love logic revenge will air on Fox channel on the 4th of March, 2022. The channel will air the episode at 8:00 PM (GMT+3). You can watch it at FOX channel on Friday.

Summary of the drama

  • Original title: Ask mantik intikam
  • English Name: Love Logic Revenge
  • Duration: 2h
  • Start Date: 2021
  • Type: TV Series
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance

Story of Ask mantik intikam

To make ends meet, Esra worked as a waitress when she met Ozan. She takes the sensible option to marry Ozan in order to improve her living conditions, but due to the marital issues, she chooses to divorce. Ozan starts a software firm after the divorce and becomes extremely wealthy. When Esra discovers this, she works her way into a position at Ozan’s firm in order to win back his love, come hell or high water.

The Stars of Ask mantik intikam

1- Esra Erten (Burcu Ozberk)

She is a lovely young lady. She plans to become a housewife after marrying Ozan and live happily with her husband’s financial assistance. When Ozan resigns from his solid job to establish his own business, she finds herself in a terrible situation. Esra is responsible for all of their financial requirements and works a variety of jobs. She is forced to divorce Ozan due to frustration and tiredness. She hears about her ex-success husband’s eight years later and resolves to win him back by interning at his firm. She only wants an apology and acknowledgement for her actions during their marriage.

2- Ozan Korfali (Ilhan Sen)

Ozan is a brilliant engineer. He’s had a crush on Esra since he was a small child. He abruptly leaves his job as a software engineer after marrying her. Following his divorce, he seeks financial backing for his programme and establishes his own firm. He finally goes from being a loser to becoming a successful CEO.

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