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Story of All About Marriage (Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey) Tv Series And Full Report

Details of Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey


  • Original Title: Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey
  • English Title: The Split
  • Also Known As: All About Marriage
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Episodes: 17+ (each episode is 120-150 minutes)
  • Broadcast Network: Fox TV
  • Broadcast Period: 21 September 2021 – Present
  • Production Company: MF Yapim
  • Director: Yusuf Pirhasan, Volkan Keskin
  • Screen Writer: Toprak Karaoglu, Seda Calisir Karaoglu, Ayse Canan Ertug
  • Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


The Story:


The Cevher family’s ladies work in the family firm’s divorce department. Sumru Yavrucak’s mother, Colpan Cevher (Sumru Yavrucak), is the mother of three girls. After her husband left her for another woman, she raised her children on her own. Colpan is a well-known lawyer who works at Cevher Law Firm with her two daughters.


Azra (Gokce Bahadir) is the Cevher family’s eldest daughter. She has three children and has been married to Sergen (Sarp Akkaya) for 15 years. She has a great profession and a loving marriage. She is driven, responsible, and capable. She plans to take over as manager of Cevher Law Firm after her mother retires.


Sanem (Gokce Eyuboglu) is the Cevher family’s second eldest daughter. She is strong-willed, self-reliant, and unconcerned. Because of her father, she does not trust men and does not want to be in a regular relationship or marry.


Gunes (Tulin Ece) is the Cevher family’s youngest daughter. Despite graduating from law school, she chooses not to follow in the footsteps of her mother and sisters and pursue a career as a lawyer. Despite her mother’s objections, Gunes decides to operate a coffee shop instead of working at her family’s legal practise. Gunes has been courting Yalin since she was a youngster and is planning to marry her.


As the novel progresses, the Cevher family’s lives get increasingly difficult.


Azra learns that her mother has no intention of retiring and handing over the reins to her daughter. In truth, Colpan’s company is experiencing financial difficulties, and she does not want her kids to hear about them.


After a tense argument with Colpan, Azra quits her employment at Cevher Law Firm and goes to work for a competing firm. She must establish her credentials not just to her new boss, but also to her mother, in her new position. At the same time, she must collaborate with her ex-boyfriend Yildirim (Yigit Kirazci).


Meanwhile, Azra discovers her husband’s adultery while working on a divorce case for one of her clients. Her husband has been having an affair with a lady he met on a dating website, she discovers.


The Cevher family’s ladies work in divorce law for the family firm in the TV series All About Marriage (Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey). Will Azra decide to divorce her spouse as a result of his infidelity? Will Azra be able to make a name for herself in a new law firm? Despite their differences, will Azra and Yildirim get along? Will Colpan be able to resolve Cevher Law Firm’s financial issues?


The cast of All About Marriage (Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey) Tv Series


  • Gokce Bahadir as Azra Cevher
  • Sumru Yavrucak as Colpan Cevher
  • Tulin Ece as Gunes Cevher Kuru
  • Gokce Eyuboglu as Sanem Cevher
  • Sarp Akkaya as Sergen Gunay
  • Yigit Kirazci as Yildirim Sahin


Actors Who Left The Show


  • Eda Ipek Sancak as Pelin
  • Gulay Sutcu as Nihal
  • Busra Yilmaz as Zeynep
  • Firat Altunmese as Ural Beyaz / Aztek
  • Mila Kasarci as Alina Beyaz
  • Cevdet Aricilar as Faruk Cevher


The Characters:


Azra (Gokce Bahadir): She is an accomplished lawyer who works for one of Istanbul’s most prestigious family law businesses. She is well-known for handling high-profile divorce matters. Even though her father left them 25 years ago for another woman, she is a lady who is completely dedicated to the values of family and marriage. She has three children and has been married to Sergen for 15 years. She is a great lawyer and a nice mother. She starts working alongside her ex-boyfriend Yildirim after accepting a job at a competitor business.


Sergen (Sarp Akkaya): He is a well-known lawyer and professor. He is a kind parent who cares about his children. He married Azra, whom he met while attending law school. He appears to be the perfect husband and parent, yet he is having an affair.


Yildirim (Yigit Kirazci): He is a well-known divorce attorney. He is bright, personable, and fiercely competitive. When they were both students in law school, he dated Azra. Despite her feelings for Yildirim, Azra couldn’t put her confidence in him. As a result, Azra married Sergen, whom she saw as a trustworthy man. Years later, Yildirim returns to Istanbul as a widower and, by sheer chance, begins working at the same legal office as Azra.


Colpan (Sumru Yavrucak): She is the head of Cevher Law Firm, which was acquired from his father-in-law, and is one of Istanbul’s most well-known divorce lawyers. She is a very powerful and brilliant lady. She has raised her three girls on her alone since her husband left them 25 years ago for another woman. She’s like an iron lady who works nonstop, 7 days a week, to ensure his company’s success.


Sanem (Gokce Eyuboglu): Azra’s younger sister. Together with her mother and sister, she works at Cevher Law Firm. She is rash, free-spirited, and self-sufficient. She acts as though she is in her twenties, despite the fact that she is in her thirties.


Gunes (Tulin Ece): Azra’s younger sister. Despite graduating from law school, she, like her mother and sisters, decides not to pursue a career as a lawyer. She is innocent and pure. She has been dating Yalin since she was a youngster.

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