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Story of Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean Tv Series And Full Report

Details of Barbarossa:


  • Original Title: Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kilici
  • English Title: Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean
  • Also Known As:
  • Genre: Historical, Action
  • Episodes: 15+
  • Broadcast Network: TRT 1
  • Broadcast Period: 16 September 2021 – Present
  • Production Company: ES Film
  • Director: Dogan Umit Karaca
  • Screen Writer: Mustafa Burak Dogu; Ibrahim Ethem Arslan; Tuba Kaya
  • Filming Locations: Lesbos (Midilli); Antalya (Turkey)


The Story:


Four brothers are Ishak, Oruc, Hizir, and Ilyas.


Ishak (Yetkin Dikinciler) is the oldest and, like his father, works as a potter. He is a trader who loves to live in tranquilly, distant from danger. With his wife and two children, he lives on the island of Midilli.


The second-oldest Barbarossa brother is Oruc (Engin Altan Duzyatan). He stands in opposition to his older brother and pursues his love of the water. He grows into a successful sailor who is courageous, fearless, personable, and smart. Oruc’s love of the water also makes it difficult for him to please Despina (Gulcan Arslan).


Ilyas (Caner Topcu) follows in his brother’s footsteps and joins Oruc as a sailor. He’s a kind and gorgeous young man who still has a long way to go before he can master the water.


Hizir (Ulas Tuna Astepe), on the other hand, abandons his love of the sea to pursue a career as a trader. Ishak, his older brother, wants his brothers to settle down in Midilli and live a normal life. Hizir has little choice but to obey his eldest brother’s requests as both of his brothers (Oruc and Ilyas) have become sailors. Despite becoming a trader, he retains his enthusiasm for the water.


Hizir returns to Midilli, where his eldest brother resides, after spending so much time away from his family to participate in commerce. He can’t seem to keep himself from getting himself into a problem. He ultimately meets his mentor, who has been searching for a secret key to the sacred book, after a long period.


Hizir journeys to Kalimnos Island in order to locate this hidden key and preserve the sacred book from adversaries. There, he meets Zeynep (Melis Babadag), a young Muslim girl who is a gorgeous healer.


Meanwhile, Oruc and Ilyas get caught up in a tangle of events and, regrettably, make new enemies. After his brother is assassinated by Oruc Reis, Antoine (Devrim Evin) becomes one of the Barbarossa brothers’ most vehement foes.


The TV series Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean (Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kilici) tells the narrative of four brothers who transform the Mediterranean into a Turkish sea. Will Oruc Reis make a name for himself as a sailor? Will Hizir Reis be able to keep his merchant job despite his affection for the sea? Will Ishak Reis be able to persuade all of his brothers to live a normal life in Midilli, safe from harm? Will Pietro be able to figure out the life’s secret? Will Antoine be able to avenge his brother and assassinate Oruc Reis? Will Kilicoglu and Oruc Reis work together?


The Cast of Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean (Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kilici) Tv Series


  • Engin Altan Duzyatan as Oruc Reis
  • Yigit Ozsener as Pietro
  • Devrim Evin as Antoine
  • Ismail Filiz as Kilicoglu
  • Pelin Akil as Isabel
  • Ulas Tuna Astepe as Hizir Reis (Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha)
  • Yetkin Dikinciler as Ishak Reis
  • Melis Babadag as Zeynep
  • Gulcan Arslan as Despina
  • Caner Topcu as Ilyas Reis


List of Characters:


Oruc Reis (Engin Altan Duzyatan): He is a member of the Barbarossa family. Due to his red beard, he is given the moniker Barbarossa (which means “Red Beard” in Italian). Despina, his wife, is his life partner. His entire existence revolves around the water. Due of his love of the water, he even resists his older brother, Ishak Reis. He is an accomplished sailor who is courageous, daring, personable, and smart. He earns the admiration and respect of his crew. Oruc Reis becomes the governor of Algiers, the West Mediterranean’s principal governor, and the Ottoman Empire’s admiral.


Hizir Reis (Barbarossa Hayreddin): He is a member of the Barbarossa family. Hizir is his true name. He is given the moniker Hayreddin (which means “the greatest of the religion”) after successfully serving in the Ottoman maritime troops. After his brother Oruc Reis dies, he adopts the name Barbarossa in honour of him. He is bold and a skilled sailor. To avoid upsetting his older brother Ishak Reis, he chooses to become a merchant rather than a sailor. He, like his elder brother Oruc Reis, finds it difficult to resist his enthusiasm for the water. During the mid-16th century, Hizir Reis becomes an admiral in the Ottoman fleet, ensuring Ottoman control over the Mediterranean.


Ishak Reis (Yetkin Dikinciler): Barbarossa is the oldest of the Barbarossa brothers. He, his wife, and their two children live on the island of Midilli. He is a potter who also deals in trading. He wants his brothers to settle down in Midilli and live a normal life.


Ilyas Reis (Caner Topcu): Barbarossa is the eldest of the Barbarossa brothers. He collaborates with his younger brother, Oruc Reis. He is a sweetheart and a lovely man.


Pietro (Yigit Ozsener): He is ruthless and ambitious. He becomes the Barbarossa brothers’ most vehement foe. He wants to rid the Mediterranean Sea of Muslims. He has a great deal of success concealing himself.


Isabel (Pelin Akil): She’s a lovely young lady who works at her father’s inn (public house). She has a business relationship with Oruc Reis and has affections for him.


Despina (Gulcan Arslan): Oruc Reis is her husband. She is the daughter of Yorgo, a wealthy Lesbian trader. When her father disapproves of her romance, she abandons her family to marry Oruc Reis. She adores his hubby and has a wonderful marriage with him. Her main issue with her marriage is that she is childless. Throughout her marriage, she has had multiple miscarriages.


Zeynep (Melis Babadag): She is a lovely Muslim girl who also happens to be a healer. She operates an orphanage and looks after all of these kids. Hizir Reis becomes her love interest.


Antoine (Devrim Evin): After his brother is murdered by Oruc Reis, he seeks vengeance. He becomes one of the Barbarossa brothers’ most vehement foes. He refers to himself as the Sea God.


Dervish (Bahadir Yenisehirlioglu): Hizir Reis has him as a mentor.


Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean Trailer


Barbarossa: Sword of the Mediterranean Trailer

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