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Story of Judgement (Yargi) Tv Series And Full Report


  • Original Title: Yargi
  • English Title: Judgement
  • Also Known As: Family Secrets
  • Genre: Crime, Romance, Mistery
  • Episodes: 17+ (each episode is 140 minutes)
  • Broadcast Network: Kanal D
  • Broadcast Period: 19 September 2021 –
  • Production Company: Ay Yapim
  • Director: Ali Bilgin
  • Screen Writer: Sema Ergenekon
  • Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

The Story

Ceylin (Pinar Deniz) is a successful lawyer who will go to any length to achieve her goals. She is tenacious and unafraid. When it comes to rules, she has no boundaries.

While attending law school, Ceylin becomes the family’s head. Her father is falsely accused of robbery and sentenced to five years in prison. Ceylin does her best to support her mother and younger sister during this time, and she learns to cope with the harsh realities of life on her own.

Ceylin then goes about her business according to her own set of rules. In order to achieve justice, she believes that any means or method is permissible.

On the other hand, Ilgaz (Kaan Urgancioglu) is a successful prosecutor who follows the rules and regulations to the letter. In this regard, he is the polar opposite of Ceylin’s personality.
Ilgaz is the family’s pride and joy, and he is a well-respected prosecutor in his field. His father, a police chief in Istanbul’s homicide department, instils in him all of his father’s values. From his father Metin, Ilgaz learns all the values of honesty and honour (Huseyin Avni Danyal). Ilgaz follows strict work rules and will not tolerate illegality or wrongdoing. When his younger brother Cinar (Arda Anarat) is accused of murder, he finds himself in a difficult situation and at odds with his own work ethic.

Cinar is a young boy who has strained relationships with both his father and brother, particularly since his mother died three years ago. He usually speaks with his father about it because he believes his father holds him responsible for his mother’s death.

Cinar’s and his family’s lives are turned upside down when a body is discovered in a container. Cinar is suspected of being the main perpetrator because his father’s credit card was discovered in the same container.

Cinar appears to have taken his father’s credit card and misplaced it. Cinar also claims to have been at home at the time of the murder. He claims to have been at home all night, but it was discovered that he was out between the hours of 1-3 p.m. In addition, his father’s car contains a white sweater with the victim’s blood on it.

Cinar is found to be the main suspect in this murder case. This unexpected event has shocked both Ilgaz and his father. They are unsure of what to do, who to trust, or how to reclaim their family’s pride.

With this murder case, Ceylin and Ilgaz’ paths cross. While all arrows point to him, Ilgaz needs to find a lawyer who can defend his brother. He wants to work with Ceylin because, with her fearless attitude, she may be the only lawyer who can save his brother.

Ceylin agrees to defend Cinar and begins working to save him. While working for Cinar’s acquittal, she also has to deal with Ilgaz and Metin, who want to follow the rules and regulations to the letter. Ceylin soon learns, however, that her younger sister Inci (Ece Yuksel) is the murder victim in this case.

Ceylin and Ilgaz are caught up in a mystery that has repercussions for both of their families. From various perspectives, they begin to question family values and the concept of justice.

The storey of Judgement (Yargi) is about a murder case that brings together a fearless lawyer Ceylin and a rule-based prosecutor. What will Ceylin do if she discovers that her younger sister Inci is the murder victim? When Ilgaz discovers that his younger brother Cinar is the main suspect in this murder case, what will he do? Will Ceylin continue to work for Cinar as a lawyer? Will Ilgaz continue to believe in his brother and do everything in his power to save him? Will Ilgaz continue to follow the rules and regulations, or will he be as fearless and unrestricted as Ceylin?

Judgement (Yargi) Tv Series Cast

  • Kaan Urgancioglu as Ilgaz Kaya
  • Mehmet Yilmaz Ak as Pars Seckin
  • Zeyno Eracar as Gul Erguvan
  • Nilgun Turksever as Lacin Tilmen
  • Aysenil Samlioglu as Sahver Yengi
  • Ugur Aslan as Eren Duman
  • Arda Anarat as Cinar Kaya
  • Pinar Deniz as Ceylin Erguvan Kaya
  • Huseyin Avni Danyal as Metin Kaya
  • Ali Seckiner Alici as Zafer Erguvan
  • Onur Durmaz as Engin Tilmen
  • Nergis Ozturk as Seda Gokmen
  • Cezmi Baskin as Merdan Kaya
  • Pinar Caglar Gencturk as Aylin Erguvan Yilmaz
  • Ece Yuksel as Inci Erguvan
  • Ugur Polat as Yekta Tilmen

Stars of the Show

Ilgaz (Kaan Urgancioglu): He is a successful prosecutor who follows the rules and regulations to the letter. He is the family’s pride and joy, as well as a well-respected prosecutor in his field. He follows his father’s principles and stays on the straight and narrow. At work, he is cool, distant, meticulous, and principled, while at home, he is protective and warmhearted. He is unable to maintain a close bond with his younger brother Cinar. When his brother is accused of murder, he does not bestow any special treatment on him and instead tries to act objectively.

Ceylin (Pinar Deniz): She is a successful lawyer who will go to any length to achieve her goals. She is tenacious and unafraid. When it comes to rules, she has no boundaries. Her father was wrongfully imprisoned while she was in law school. Ceylin was influenced by the incident and went on to become a successful lawyer. In order to achieve justice, she believes that any means or method is permissible. Her father, Zafer, and her sister, Inci, are two people she adores.

Pars (Mehmet Yilmaz Ak): He is a prosecutor who works alongside Ilgaz in the same office. He is both passionate and conceited. He is the brother of Ilgaz’s ex-fiancée, Neva. He’s been competing with Ilgaz since they were in high school. After Ilgaz and Neva break up, Pars becomes enraged with Ilgaz and begins to treat him badly.

Metin (Huseyin Avni Danyal): He is the homicide department’s idealistic police chief. He is honest, follows the rules, and is well-liked. He has a good relationship with his older son Ilgaz, in whom he has complete faith. He, on the other hand, does not get along with his younger son Cinar. Metin begins to blame his son Cinar for the death of his wife after she passed away a few years ago.

Yekta (Ugur Polat): He is a lawyer and the founder of Tilmen Hukuk, a large law firm. He is well-known for cleaning up all of his clients’ shady dealings. He believes that if enough money is paid, any problem can be solved. For a long time, he has had a strained relationship with his son Engin.

Gul (Zeyno Eracar): Ceylin’s mother, she is. She is a stay-at-home mom. Her eldest daughter, Aylin, is the one with whom she has a closer relationship.

Cinar (Arda Anarat): He is Ilgaz’s younger brother. As all the arrows point to him, he becomes the primary suspect in the murder case.

Inci (Ece Yuksel): Ceylin’s younger sister is her. She is the victim of a murder investigation.

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Judgement (Yargi) Tv Series Trailer

Judgement (Yargi) Tv Series Trailer

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