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Story of Kaderimin Oyunu and Full Report

Summary of the drama

  • Original Title: Kaderimin Oyunu
  • English Title: The Game of My Destiny
  • Also Known As:
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Episodes: 11+ (each episode is 120 minutes)
  • Broadcast Network: Star TV
  • Broadcast Period: 3 December 2021 – Present
  • Production Company: NGM Medya
  • Director: Emre Kabakusak
  • Screen Writer: Gul Abus Semerci, Melis Veziroglu, Pinar Ordu, Selin Yaltaal, Meryem Demirli, Burcu Over
  • Filming Locations: Istanbul, Amasya

The Synopsis

Asiye (Oyku Karayel) is a young and gorgeous mother who has raised her children all on her own. When she has her second kid, she is completely alone. Cemal (Akin Akinozu), her husband, abandons them owing to financial difficulties and never returns.

Asiye tries everything she can to raise her daughter Nergis (Iraz Akcam) and son Ugur. Despite her efforts, she is unable to create a comfortable living for her family. She never complains, though, and strives to be a positive role model for her children.

Asiye’s and her children’s lives are turned upside down all of a sudden. Nergis, her daughter, murders a neighbour who attempts to rape her. This unlucky tragedy shatters their simple lives.

In order to protect her daughter, Asiye chooses to abandon everything and flee the police. She does not want her daughter to be imprisoned. As a result, she packs her children and hits the road.

Asiye meets a young man named Mahir (Sarp Apak) by chance on the road. Mahir is a young businessman who has lived in Russia for a long time and visits his family in Istanbul. When he realises Asiye and her children are in a bad situation, he feels eager to assist them and offers them a ride.

However, on their route to Istanbul, they are involved in a vehicle accident. While Mahir is in serious care, his family believes Asiye is his wife and that his children, Nergis and Ugur, are his children.

Asiye and her children are staying in a magnificent Demirhan home. However, instead of finding redemption there, they are met with a new struggle. Asiye runs across her ex-husband Cemal, who abandoned her years ago.

In Istanbul, the Demirhan family is a rich family. Harun (Mufit Kayacan) is the strong Demirhan family’s leader, and he has two children, Raci (Kaan Cakir) and Helin (Meric Aral).

Cemal, Asiye’s ex-husband, is now married to Helin and they have a wonderful marriage. He likes his prosperous life with his wife and son. When he sees Asiye, he pretends he doesn’t know her.

Asiye is in a really terrible circumstance. She and her children must conceal their identities in order to avoid being apprehended by the authorities. They decide to pose as Mahir’s family and live in the Demirhan mansion for a time. At the same time, they pretend to be unaware of Cemal’s existence.

The Game of My Destiny (Kaderimin Oyunu) is a television series about a single mother named Asiye who runs across her ex-husband Cemal years later. Will Asiye reconcile with Cemal or start over with Mahir? Will Asiye be able to overcome her horrible fate and provide happiness for her children? Nergis, will you remember her father Cemal? Will Asiye be able to keep her daughter Nergis safe?

The Cast of Kaderimin Oyunu (Game of My Destiny) Tv Series

  • Sarp Apak as Mahir Demirhan
  • Akin Akinozu as Cemal Kaya
  • Oyku Karayel as Asiye Yilmaz Demirhan
  • Meric Aral as Helin Demirhan Kaya
  • Esra Dermancioglu as Zahide Demirhan
  • Kaan Cakir as Raci Demirhan
  • Iraz Akcam as Nergis Kaya
  • Ulku Duru as Nedret Demirhan
  • Mufit Kayacan as Harun Demirhan
  • Yildirim Ozcan as Ugur Kaya

Stars of the show

  • Asiye (Oyku Karayel): She is a lovely young lady with a daughter and a son. When she is quite young, she marries her first love, Cemal, from her community. Cemal abandons them on the day she gives birth to her son. As a result, Asiye is left alone and does her best to raise her children in poverty. When her daughter Nergis murders a man 7 years later, Asiye tries to flee the police and ends up with the Demirhans. Asiye meets Mahir, an honest guy who is the illegitimate son of the Demirhan family. She must choose between reconnecting with her ex-husband Cemal and starting over with Mahir.
  • Cemal (Akin Akinozu): He is a young man who grew up in an orphanage. He marries his first love, Asiye, and they have a wonderful marriage. He works really hard as a truck driver in order to live a nice life. However, he is unable to resolve his financial issues and abandons his family obligations. Cemal marries Helin and begins a prosperous life, despite the fact that he still loves Asiye. He feels sorry for his decision and want to return to Asiye and his simple existence. When he discovers Helin is pregnant, he is unable to abandon her. Cemal runs across his ex-wife Asiye in the Demirhan house 7 years later.
  • Mahir (Sarp Apak): He is the Demirhan family’s illegitimate son. He was reared by the Demirhan family’s slaves. After discovering the truth about his biological father (Harun Demirhan), he abandons everything and relocates to Russia. He returns to Istanbul 17 years later and runs into Asiye on his route. Mahir is a mature and forgiving man who never shies away from responsibilities and has to battle for success. When he realises Asiye and her children are in a bad circumstance, he does everything he can to assist them. Later on, he begins to develop affections for Asiye.
  • Helin (Meric Aral): She is the Demirhan family’s daughter. Cemal is her husband, and they have a son. She adores Cemal and is determined to keep him no matter what.
  • Zahide (Esra Dermancioglu): She is the Demirhan family’s daughter-in-law. Raci is her husband, and they have a daughter. She suspects Asiye and Mahir and works hard to discover the truth about their background.
  • Raci (Kaan Cakir): He is the Demirhan family’s son, and he is married to Zahide. He takes over the family company, but he also engages in illicit gambling in Demirhan hotels. He sees Mahir as a danger to his legacy and wishes to destroy his reputation.

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English Wikipedia: https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaderimin_Oyunu_(dizi)
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