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Story of Kulup and Full Report

Summary of Kulup

  • Original Title: Kulup
  • English Title: The Club
  • Also Known As:
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Episodes: 10 episodes (each episode is 50-60 minutes)
  • Broadcast Network: Netflix
  • Broadcast Period: 5 November 2021 – 6 January 2022
  • Production Company: Netflix
  • Director: Zeynep Gunay Tan, Seren Yuce
  • Screen Writer: Aysin Akbulut, Rana Denizer, Necati Sahin
  • Filming Locations: Istanbul – Beyoglu neighborhood


The narrative takes place in Turkey in the 1950s.

Matilda (Gokce Bahadir) is a middle-aged lady who has spent 17 years in jail. When she is released from jail, she wishes to live a peaceful life far away from Istanbul. Rasel (Asude Kalebek), her daughter, is now 17 years old and knows nothing about her parents.

Matilda does not want to be involved in her daughter’s life and does not even want to see her daughter’s most recent photo. She wishes to leave everything behind, forget her past, and pursue a new adventure. However, by sheer chance, she runs into her daughter and has no choice but to confess her identity.

Rasel, Matilda’s daughter, gets arrested by police after illegally entering a nightclub called “The Club.” Rasel tries to obtain her close friend’s identity card, which is held at the nightclub, but she is finally accused of being a thief.

Matilda is at the police station, waiting for her daughter. She wishes to work with The Club’s management in order to have her daughter released. However, it is revealed that the manager of The Club is Celebi (Firat Tanis), who used to work as a servant at Matilda’s house.

Celebi had decided to reconcile, but when he meets Matilda, he changes his mind. He agrees not to file a complaint against Rasel in exchange for Matilda working under him at The Club for a while.

Matilda’s only option is to work at The Club in order to rescue her daughter. She grew up in a privileged home and never had to do any housework. But, for the sake of her kid, she agrees to work as a house cleaner at The Club under tough conditions.

The Club was one of Istanbul’s most renowned nightclubs in the 1950s. Orhan (Metin Akdulger), the boss, is an open-minded individual who is not afraid to make unpleasant judgments. He agrees to collaborate with an artist named Selim (Salih Bademci) after witnessing his potential.

Selim wants to put on a spectacular theatrical display while performing a song. He wishes to provide a unique experience for the audience. Even though he is very ambitious and understands that he would transform the way people enjoy themselves in Istanbul, he has received no backing from the city’s nightclubs. He, on the other hand, never quits up, makes his own opportunity, and impresses Orhan, the proprietor of The Club.

Matilda becomes a close friend of Selim after starting work at The Cub, and she does her best to oppose the manager Celebi and, on occasion, the boss Orhan. At the same time, she want to re-establish contact with her daughter. She feels that a Jewish girl and a Muslim man cannot marry and be happy. As a result, she does not approve of her daughter Rasel’s connection with Ismet (Baris Arduc).

Ismet, a cab driver, is a gorgeous young man. He is a womaniser, rebel, and troublemaker with several love relationships. He grew reared in a strict environment with Muslim ideals, and he has no idea Rasel is Jewish.

The Club (Kulup) television series is about an ex-convict named Matilda who works at one of Istanbul’s most prominent nightclubs. Will Matilda be able to maintain a positive connection with her daughter Rasel? Will Rasel marry her sweetheart Ismet despite the fact that she is Jewish and he is Muslim? Will Matilda grasp Celebi’s genuine intentions?

Stars of Kulup

  • Matilda (Gokce Bahadir): When she realises that her sweetheart has betrayed her family, she murders him. She gets sentenced to 17 years in jail for murder. After she is released from jail, she begins working as a cleaning lady at a nightclub called “The Club.” Matilda is a powerful lady who will go to great lengths for her family.
  • Rasel (Asude Kalebek): Matilda’s daughter, she grew up in an orphanage. She has never met her mother and is unaware that her mother murdered her father. She is tenacious and brave. She conceals her identity and does not reveal that she is Jewish since her partner, Ismet, is a Muslim.
  • Fistik Ismet (Baris Arduc): He is a well-known Muslim cab driver. He is a womaniser, a troublemaker, and a rebel. Even if he adores Rasel, he is not a flawless man who can devote his entire life to his love. He has a strained relationship with his father.
  • Selim Songur (Salih Bademci): He is the star of “The Club.” His stage act distinguishes him from his contemporaries. He is so ambitious that he alters Istanbul’s perception of entertainment. He does not communicate with his parents because of his way of life, despite the fact that he desires their acceptance and acknowledgment.
  • Orhan (Metin Akdulger): He is the owner of “The Club.” He is Greek and Christian by birth. He, however, conceals his identity and acts as though he is Turkish and Muslim.
  • Celebi (Firat Tanis): He is the general manager of “The Club.” He used to be a servant at Matilda’s house. Despite the fact that he has been in love with Matilda since childhood, he is unable to express his actual feelings.

External Links

Official Site: Broadcast Network
English Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Club_(Turkish_TV_series)
Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13317582/

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