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Story of Liar (Yalanci) Tv Series And Full Report

Details of Yalanci

  • Original Title: Liar
  • English Title: Yalanci
  • Also Known As:
  • Genre: Mistery, Drama
  • Episodes: 10
  • Broadcast Network: Show TV
  • Broadcast Period: 17 September 2021 – 23 November 2021
  • Production Company: Surec Yapim
  • Director: Hulya Gezer
  • Screen Writer: Rahsan Cigdem Inan, Yekta Torun
  • Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

The Story

Deniz (Burcin Terzioglu) is a lovely young woman who teaches literature. She recently divorced her husband Murat (Cemal Toktas) and is attempting to start a new life on her own.

Mehmet Emir, on the other hand, is a successful heart surgeon who is well-known and respected in society. He is a well-known single father who is wealthy, kind, and charismatic. He has done his best to raise his son properly after his wife committed suicide for an unknown reason. He is a loving and disciplined father to his son.

Deniz and Mehmet Emir’s lives cross on several occasions. Deniz works as a teacher at Mehmet Emir’s son’s school. Simultaneously, Mehmet Emir works at the same hospital where Deniz’s sister works.

Deniz becomes a single young lady after her divorce from her husband is finalised, but she is hesitant to re-enter the dating scene. When she meets Mehmet Emir in the schoolyard, she initially rejects his dating proposal.

Yasemin (Hazal Turesan), Deniz’s elder sister, tries to persuade her sister. She has positive things to say about Mehmet Emir, with whom she works at the same hospital. She believes Mehmet Emir would be an ideal match for Deniz.

Deniz accepts Mehmet Emir’s dating proposal with the help of her sister. They dine at a posh restaurant and enjoy their company. They walk together to Deniz’s house after dinner.

Deniz wants to end the night without going any further because she is still not ready for a serious relationship. However, she has no choice but to invite Mehmet Emir to her house when it begins to rain and they are unable to find a taxi in the neighbourhood.

The next morning, Deniz awakens in her bed, convinced that something has gone wrong. She has no recollection of what happened during the night. She is certain, however, that she has been raped.

Mehmet Emir, on the other hand, has a completely different account of that night. He sends Deniz a thank you message and speaks positively about the night.

When Deniz reports that she has been raped by Mehmet Emir, their lives, as well as the lives of their friends and families, are turned upside down. Truth and lies coexist, and both sides attempt to persuade others that their version of events is correct. Nobody knows who is telling the truth.

The storey of Liar (Yalanci) is about a rape allegation in which both the plaintiff and defendant try to persuade others that he/she is innocent. Who is the deceiver? Will Deniz recall the events of that night? What will happen to their families and friends if Deniz reports that Mehmet Emir raped her? Will Yasemin and Murat admit to being in a relationship?

The cast of Liar (Yalanci) Tv Series

  • Cemal Toktas as Murat Ozdal
  • Hazal Turesan as Yasemin Aytekin
  • Salih Bademci as Mehmet Emir Gursoy
  • Burcin Terzioglu as Deniz Sungur
  • Sahin Irmak as Okay Aytekin
  • Imer Ozgun as Canan Ocakci
  • Serkan Tinmaz as Arif Ocakci
  • Efsane Odag as Gorkem Bilgen
  • Gizem Soysaldi as Tugba
  • Fatih Berk Sahin as Doruk Gursoy
  • Emir Cubukcu as Ahmet Bilgen
  • Murat Kilic as Erdal Numanoglu
  • Ozan Ayhan as Oguz
  • Mihrimah Selin Vardar as Derin

Stars of the show

  • Deniz Sungur (Burcin Terzioglu): She is a lovely young lady who works as a literature teacher. She is Murat’s ex-wife and Yasemin’s sister. She is strong, brave, and obstinate. Her greatest distinction from others is her strong desire for justice. She does not stop herself from losing control of her life.
  • Mehmet Emir Gursoy (Salih Bademci): He is a well-known heart surgeon who works at the same hospital as Yasemin. He is well-liked and well-respected in society. He is a well-known single father who is wealthy, kind, and charismatic. He has done everything he can to raise his son Doruk properly after his wife committed suicide. He is a loving and disciplined father to his son. His son attends the school where Deniz works.
  • Yasemin Aytekin (Hazal Turesan): She is Deniz’s older sister. She has two children and is married to Okay. She is an anesthesiologist who works in the same hospital as Mehmet Emir. She is a lovely, hardworking, and responsible woman with a seemingly perfect family. She does, however, have a secret love affair with Murat.
  • Murat Ozdal (Cemal Toktas): He is Deniz’s ex-husband. He is also Deniz and Yasemin’s childhood friend. Despite the fact that he recently divorced Deniz, he continues to support her. He is an extraverted, helpful, friendly, and hot-tempered police officer. He is having an extramarital affair with Yasemin.
  • Okay Aytekin (Sahin Irmak): He is married to Yasemin, with whom he has two children. He is a successful attorney. He cares for his children on his own time because he works remotely.
  • Canan Ocakci (Imer Ozgun): She is a nurse at the same hospital as Mehmet Emir and Yasemin. Arif is her husband. She is shy, gentle, and frail. She bears the burden of a past secret.
  • Arif Ocakci (Serkan Tinmaz): He is Canan’s husband and an old friend of Ahmet. He works at a canoe rental company after being kicked out of the army due to his anger issues. He is truthful and does everything he can to protect his loved ones.
  • Erdal Numanoglu (Murat Kilic): He is a successful police officer who collaborates with his coworker Gorkem. He is married and has a son. He is tasked with investigating Deniz’s rape allegation.
  • Gorkem Bilgen (Efsane Odag): She is a successful police officer who collaborates with her coworker Erdal. She is tasked with investigating Deniz’s rape allegation. She is married to Ahmet, a Turkish army soldier. She is expecting her first child.
  • Ahmet Bilgen (Emir Cubukcu): He is a soldier in the Turkish army and is married to Gorkem, a police officer.

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Yalanci (Liar) Turkish Drama Trailer

Yalanci (Liar) Turkish Drama Trailer

Liar (Yalanci) Tv Series Trailer (with English Subtitle)

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